Aleksandr Nevskiy 1938
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Aleksandr Nevskiy 1938
Release date: 22 March 1939
User Votes: Unknown
Countries: Soviet Union,
Genres: Action, Drama, History, War,
MPAA Rating: Unknown
Runtime: 112 minutes
Oscars: None
Plot: The story of how a great Russian prince led a ragtag army to battle an invading force of Teutonic Knights.
Description: None
Story: ALEXANDER NEVSKY In the 13th century, Russian lands suffer from foreign invasions. The opening shows an undulating field with relics of a battle: moldering uniforms...
Did you know: Propaganda 3 anti-German/Nazi: the symbol on the back of the gloves of the Archbishop is reminiscent of both Christian symbolism and of the swastika; some of the Teutonic figures closest to the tent chapel display crossed daggers on their tunics reminiscent of a swastika; many of the Teutonic knights carry flags and shields or wear clothes emblazoned with a figure resembling the imperial German eagle (the coat of arms of the Order of Teutonic Knights also incorporate a similar eagle); the Archbishop bears a minimally disguised swastika on his mitre/ headdress during the battle; many of the Teutonic foot soldiers wear helmets reminiscent of the German army of World War II; the treachery of the knight who kills Master Armourer despite having surrendered to him.
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