Annabelle 2014
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Annabelle 2014
Release date: 10 October 2014
User Votes: 6.2
Countries: USA,
Genres: Horror,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 98 minutes
Oscars: None
Plot: A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.
Description: None
Story: The film starts with the same opening scene of the film "The Conjuring", in which two young women and a young man are telling Ed and Lorraine Warren about their experience with the doll that they believe to be haunted...
Did you know: Annabelle is the first name of the actress who plays Mia.
Official Review

‘Annabelle’: Pathetic doll movie ever made in the history of World Cinema

The major aim of horror movies is to shiver your spine from the bottom, and as a viewer you should enter a new world of thrill and chill. ‘Annabelle’ directed by John R Leonetti failed in this mission completely, and it will surely check the patience of the audience throughout the running time. The movie which is said to be the prequel and spin off of The Conjuring literally fall flat in all departments of movie making, and it finally ended up as a half boiled doll movie. The movie is currently receiving negative reviews from all corners, and in all probabilities, it will end up as a disaster in the Box Office. Now, let us have a discussion about this film.

Annabelle’ lends the basic plot from several other horror movies which we have seen an umpteen numbers of times from the origin of cinema. In the movie, we have a haunted doll, and the Gordon family is facing huge issues in their home in connection with this doll and its movements. All these things started happening after their home got invaded by Satanic cultists.

The director of the movie has tried his best to evoke some fear in the minds of the viewers. But all his efforts went in vain, and apart from two or three scenes, the audience was sitting as if they were watching a romcom. You can watch Annabelle if you are a fan of mindless logic less horror movies, or else stay away from this crap. 

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