Frozen 2013
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Frozen 2013
Release date: 29 November 2013
User Votes: 7.7
Countries: USA,
MPAA Rating: PG
Runtime: 102 minutes
Oscars: 2
Plot: When a princess with the power to turn things into ice curses her home in infinite winter, her sister, Anna teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition.
Description: None
Story: The Walt Disney Pictures logo and the movie title appear played over by the Norwegian song "Vuelie". In a winter landscape...
Did you know: The minor characters Kai and Gerda named for the main characters of the original story of The Snow Queen.
Official Review

‘Frozen’ is tailor made for animation movie lovers

Frozen’ directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee is an impeccable movie, and it has bagged the 86th Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. The movie was a worldwide hit, and it received positive reviews from critics of all countries. The movie succeeded in taking the audience to a new world of fun and adventure, and this played a crucial role in determining the success of the film in theaters. As of now, the film has collected $1.274 billion from theaters all over the world.

The IMDB rating of ‘Frozen’ is 7.7/10, and its Rotten Tomatoes rating is 89%. Now, let us analyze the movie in detail.

Frozen’ showcases the story of a princess Elsa who has the power to turn things to ice. This peculiar capability creates problems in her palace, and at this time, her sister Anna along with a snow man starts their journey to find solution for this issue.

Visuals are the main highlight of this movie. The animations are cool, and a small gaze in the screen itself will provide you immense feel good air to your mind. The music is spectacular, and Christophe Beck deserves a full round of applause for his efforts. 

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