"Game of Thrones" 2011
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"Game of Thrones" 2011
Release date: 17 April 2011
User Votes: 9.5
Countries: USA, UK,
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy,
MPAA Rating: Unknown
Runtime: 55 minutes
Oscars: None
Winter is coming.
Plot: Several noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.
Description: None
Story: Three men set out on horseback on a snowy landscape from the Wall. The young one sees smoke from a fire and creeps up on it...
Did you know: During an interview for the second season,
Official Review

Beyond the wall, Bran Stark has been training with the Three-Eyed Raven, learning to use his powers to view the past. As part of his training, Bran witnesses visions of Ned and Benjen Stark sparring as children, and Ned and Howland Reed fighting at the Tower of Joy.

Game of Thrones (season 6)

Episodes: The Red Woman
                 Book of the Stranger
                 The Door
                 Blood of My Blood
                 The Broken Man
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